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In 1982 I was asked to photograph the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany for an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. These photos are from that exhibit and a few from some of his contemporaries. All of these images were taken from collections located in Chicago.
LCT-Charity-4-WEBLCT-Charity-5-WEBLCT-Charity-1-WEBLCT-Behold Lamb of God-2-WEBLCT-King Solomon-3-WEBLCT-Blessing Children-3-WEBLCT-Blessing Children-2-WEBLCT-Blessing Children-7-WEBLCT-Christ and the Apostles-4-WEBLCT-Christ and the Apostles-5-WEBLCT-Christ and the Apostles-6-WEBLCT-Christ and the Apostles-1-WEBLCT-Autumn-1-WEBLCT-Ecclesiastical Angels-4-WEBLCT-Ecclesiastical Angels-1-WEBLCT-Girl with Cherry Blossoms-2-WEBLCT-Girl with Cherry Blossoms-1-WEBLCT-Guiding Angel-3-WEBLCT-Guiding Angel-2-WEBLCT-Jeweled-2-WEB