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"Reality is Overrated". These digital paintings were made from photos taken at the Bristol Renaissance Faire outside Chicago. Many are made from several images combined to enhance the illusion of a time long, long ago.
Renn.19- Gypsy Flower-Girl-WEBRenn. 08-Girl in Purp.W.Faerie-WEBRenn.16-Chalk Artist-ML-WEBRenn. 03-Lady in Gold & Burgundy-WEBRenn. 02-Two Madrigals-WebRenn.16-Beauty & Beast-WEBRenn. 03-Autoharpist-WEBRenn.17-4 Minstrels-WEBRenn. 07-Wmn. Sewing-WEBRenn.16 Natures Radiance-WEBRenn. 02 -Girl with Pearls-Paint-WEBRenn. 04-Two Girls On Swing-WEBRenn.19-Firebird Resting-WEBMermaid at Half Dome-WEBRenn.19-Foxy Fairie at Yosemite-WEBRenn.17-Green Dress Spin Wheel-WEBRenn.17-Woman Pouring-WEBRenn.17-Woman Reading-WEBRenn. 02-Two Angels-WEBRenn.17-Glass Artist-WEB